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UCDS token und licenses

from 15.99 €

Here you have the opportunity to buy tokens and extended licenses.

For extended use, UCDS Extended is required. Some configurations on the vehicle require separate payments in the form of a credit level, which also count as a token.

Adapter licences are divided into two types: Basic (DEMO) and Extended licence.

The Extended licence is unlimited, which means that the licence is not bound to a PC, nor does it have a time-limited use.

One has access to existing parts of the software, such as: 

- VBF Loader  
- Update Wizard  
- Direct Config 

Token Level 1 is mainly used to:
- Read and clear faults. 
- Increase engine power via Directconfig.
- Perform software update or downgrade of the control units.
- as well as various additional operations.
- Change mileage

Token Level 2 are used to:

are used for programming a custom - - dashboard software Converse + in the Mondeo4 \ S-Max \ Galaxy from the manufacturer Motral (Moscow).
For detailed information, please contact the manufacturer directly. 

Token Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 are used to: 

Tuning VBF files to write

Level 3 Manufacturer Andrew Buneeva 
Level 4 Manufacturer Motorsoft
Level 5 Manufacturer KB-Tuning

Orders without a serial number cannot be processed.

The serial number is stored on the UCDS interface. To read it out, proceed as follows:
- Connect the adapter to your PC/laptop.
- Open the UCDS programme
- Click on the button Adapter and credit information 
- A serial number will be displayed, simply copy it by pressing the button Copy S/N to Clipboard and paste it into the order process.
The serial number could look like this:

              FF EF FF FF 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 FF

As a little help, have a look at the display pictures in the shop.

When all tokens are used up, the adapter can only be used to a limited extent until the credit is recharged.
In order to use the full functions (except for functions where tokens are required), make sure that at least 1x Token Level I remains available.

Due to the sale, fees and administration costs will be a bit higher. But it helps us all and continues to support our team of UCDS.