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FF2Dash+ Kit

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Type of cluster

FF2Dash + is an additional module which is soldered to the main board of the existing speedometer. The following new functions are added to the speedometer:
  • Own start logo
  • Pointer deflection
  • Pointer deflection with ST / RS additional displays
  • Additional parameters from the engine control unit
  • Adjustable display of service (KM / hours)
  • Motor control unit (PCM) tuning option (optional with FF2Flash *) Read out error code in the display
  • Delete error code in display
  • Option FF2Dash + menu at startup
  • Option to switch the gauge sweep on and off
  • Option start logo with ignition off

The new version 2021 automatically includes the premium update. Small display of 6 parameters.
Large display of 12 parameters.

The following engines from the Ford Focus 2 Facelift, C-Max 1 Facelift and Kuga 1 are currently supported:
  • 1.4 Sigma
  • 1.6 Sigma
  • 1.6 TI-VCT Sigma
  • 1.8 Duratec HE
  • 2.0 Duratec HE
  • 2.5T i5 ST
  • 2.5T i5 RS
  • 1.8 TDCI Lynx
  • 1.6 TDCI DV6
  • 2.5T Duratec (Kuga)

The series menu continues to work as usual. After calling up the FF2Dash + menu, you can return to the menu of the actual on-board computer at any time. The FF2Dash + is operated using the Up / Down and Set buttons, which are located in the indicator switch as standard. The FF2Dash + is configured via the OBD2 connection of your vehicle.

A Windows PC and an ELM327 / CM327 are required for this.
We deliver the right software to you!

* FF2Flash in the shop Available from week 08/2021

Retrofitting without having to dismantle the speedometer. Advanced soldering skills in the SMD area are required for self-installation.

Installation may be carried out by a subcontractor. This has already been commissioned by us several times in the past. With the small display, an update via ELMConfig to ROM version 512 is necessary in order to use all functions of the FF2Dash +.

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