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Rear View Cam

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You have retrofitted a reversing camera with display on the original screen of your sync system?
In order for this to work, we are happy to carry out the corresponding activation.
  • Accessory or original cameras supported
  • Representation of the park pilot on the display (if available)
  • Delay can be switched on/off in the menu (Sync 2/3/4)

Not the right camera yet?

The reverse camera of ConversCam V2
Plug & Play rear view camera system for Ford vehicles with Sync 2 and Sync 3 audio systems.
Universal camera from German supplier with 170° horizontal, 90° vertical wide angle, improved night vision rear view camera
Easy assembly, no electrical/soldering knowledge required. The connection is made simply by plug-in connection.
Coding of the APIM module is mandatory after installation.

-High-resolution color image with superior daytime clarity and nighttime brightness
-With 1/3 CMOS sensor chip, lens with 170 degree viewing angle and selectable parking lines
-IP67 waterproof housing with anti-fog lens,
waterproof, dustproof, fogproof, shockproof.

-Plug & Play installation kit to Ford Sync 2 / 3 systems
-No separate power supply required
-Mounting set including plastic clip lifter, pull-through aid and drilling set

Available accessories:
C2+ adapter for direct connection of the camera with an existing cinch adapter in the tailgate. Power supply also needs to be connected in tailgate.

Complete offer

Our complete offer includes:

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