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Additional gauges to RS

49.00 €

excl. 5.99 € shipping (Germany)
excl. 16.99 € shipping (Europe)
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The series Focus ST MK2 has a maximum boost pressure of 1.2 bar in the additional displays, the Focus RS has a maximum of 1.8 bar. Thanks to the additional display mod we can achieve up to 2.0 bar. We do not install an additional module like other providers! We adapt the software on the device accordingly. Theoretically we can increase the maximum display up to any value. Unfortunately, the boost pressure sensor and the software in the engine control unit can process a maximum of 3.0 bar minus the atmospheric pressure, i.e. 2.0 bar.

We therefore offer 4 versions.
-1.8 Bar only software change*
-2.0 Bar only software change*
-1.8 Bar with dial
-2.0 bar with dial

*In the variant only software changes are required after programming by us to change the dials.