Here you finde our range of diagnostic tools. No matter if you just want to check your faultcodes or go deeper into programming your Ford. We got the right tool! We offer:

  • ELM327 - The easy one
  • CM327 - Our own device
  • UCDS - The professional solution
  • Gateways - Additional devices for ConversMod
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    ConversMod ELM327

    This ELM327 adpater is connected by USB and has been made for maximum compatibility with all important tools like FORScan, FoCCCus and ELMConfig. It has a manual switch to access the Ford MS-Can bus.
    Shipping method Shipping time Price
    Standard approx. approx. 10 to 14 days 35.95 €

    ConversMod ELMWiFi

    Get a quick info on fault codes on your phone?
    No problem with Apps like Torque and our ELMWifi!
    WiFi has a much higher transfer rate than traditional Bluetooth!
    This adapter works with virtually every car of all brands.

    Please note: Wireless adapters are not suitable for programming your car. This adapter supports OBD2.

    Shipping method Shipping time Price
    Standard approx. 14 - 21 days 12.49 €


    Limiited stock!
    In addition to the features of our ConversMod ELM327, this device is faster in many casses (e.g. installation of the ConversMod). It switches between HS- and MS-Can fully automatic.
    Shipping method Shipping time Price
    Standard approx. 14 to 21 days 34.95 €

    UCDS (Basic license) / UCDS (Extended license)

    UCDS is an advanced diganostic tool for a wide range of Ford vehicles. It consits of:
    • UCDS software
    • UCDS adapter (J2534 compatible)
    • License (basic  /extended)
    With UCDS you can reconfigure, manage and analyse a wide range of Ford vehicles. With the frequently updated UCDS software you are able to update a hughe number of modules to the latest firmware - free of charge.
    You can also download, change and save configuration files directly from the Ford server. The VBF Loader enables you to upload your own VBF files to your modules.
    The adapter can also be used with other software, like Forscan or with the ConversMod.
    Some features are exclusive to the extended license such as:
    • VBF Loader
    • Update wizard
    • Direct config
    Free bonus:
    If purchasing UCDS with extended license from us, we will give you 5 free level 1 Tokens (can be used for some specific additional features).

    UCDS will be shipped from outside of the European Union. Import tax and customs charges are not included.

    License Shipping time Price
    Standard-License approx. 15 - 21 days 165.00 €
    Extended License approx. 15 - 21 days 293.00 €
    HS/MS-Can Gateways

    GatewayBox / GatewayChip

    This gateway is required for some packages of the ConversMod and used by the automatic PAM activation.
    Only order this seperately if you are told to do so by your ConversMod vendor.
    Version Shipping time Price
    GatewayBox OBD approx. 6 weeks 70.00 €