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What does it mean to be a "reseller" of ConversMod?

A reseller is, basically, a teammember for us. You are listed on the website and people are able to book ConversMod and other products for installation by you.

What do I need to become a "reseller" of ConversMod?

You should have some experience in programming cars (coding/updating) but at least some computer skills. We should not need to explain you what a USB port is and how to install a driver. Also you will need some hardware:

  • A Windows Laptop/Tablet (no need for a NASA like computer, but granny's good ol' computer will not do it)
  • A charger for car batteries (at least 10 Amps)
  • A place with electricity and internet where you can install the Mods to your users cars
  • Our free ModHelper
  • genuine UCDS with extended/full license - you can get it here
  • An active PayPal account

What benefits I get from being a "reseller" of ConversMod?

ConversMod was founded by the intention of a free time project. However, you will still get a little profit from it:

  • Subject Your income
  • ConversMod (intital order) 20.00 € / 19.00 £
  • ConversMod (addon) -
  • PowerMod 70 %
  • individual programmings/codings 100 %
  • Other (like WindowMod) 70 %
Also there are some discounts for your own car and close friends/family on selected ConversMod-packages.

What other things could keep me from becoming a "reseller" of ConversMod?

As we do not want out teammembers to compete against each other, we take a look on your location. It must not be too close to an existing location. Also we have to feel, somehow, comfortable with you.
Finally it is just up to us, if you get into the team - or not.

In what regions you are looking for "resellers"?

We do not look into specific regions or countries. Germany we are all set up and will not take new members. Also UK, in some parts, is "populated" by us already. The rest of the world is up to you!
Most interesting countries might be:

  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Greece
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway
This list is incomplete. Feel free to contact us!

Do I need a registered business to become a "reseller" of ConversMod?

No. Not from our site. About 50% of our teammembers are acting as private sellers. However, it is your responsibility to act in compliance to your local laws and regulations.

Do I have anything like a monthly fee or something as a ConversMod "reseller"?

No. Users will pay you, you forward the payment to us (minus your profit) and then we order and deliver whatever you need to complete the specific task. We will not ask any payments in advance or charge you monthly, annually or whatever.
You still have to buy the equipment, mentioned above, on your own costs and risk.

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