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UCDS (Extended license)

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UCDS is an advanced diganostic tool for a wide range of Ford vehicles. It consits of:

  • UCDS software
  • UCDS adapter (J2534 compatible)
  • License (basic  /extended)
With UCDS you can reconfigure, manage and analyse a wide range of Ford vehicles. With the frequently updated UCDS software you are able to update a hughe number of modules to the latest firmware - free of charge.
You can also download, change and save configuration files directly from the Ford server. The VBF Loader enables you to upload your own VBF files to your modules.
The adapter can also be used with other software, like Forscan or with the ConversMod.
Some features are exclusive to the extended license such as:
  • VBF Loader
  • Update wizard
  • Direct config
Free bonus:
If purchasing UCDS with extended license from us, we will give you 3 free level 1 Tokens (can be used for some specific additional features).

Hier der Download von der neusten UCDS version.

!!!use of UCDs at your own risk!!!

Any misuse or improper handling can lead to malfunction of the vehicle.

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