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29.95 €

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excl. 14.95 € shipping (Europe)
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Shipping time:
2 - 3 Werktage (DE), 7 Werktage (Europa)


In addition to the features of our ConversMod ELM327, this device is faster in many cases (e.g. installation of the ConversMod Firmware). It switches between HS- and MS-Can fully automatic.
  • Connection: USB
  • MS-Can Support: Automatic
  • Suitable for programming: Yes
  • Compatible with:
  • Forscan: Yes
  • ELMConfig: Yes
  • UCDS: No
  • gFDRS: No
  • FoCCCus: Yes
  • Torque: No

For use with Android the device requires to support USB OTG. Forscan for Android is not included.

Driver and installation:

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