High Quality USB Lighter

High quality, rechargeable USB ligther, engraved with ConversMod logo.

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Price with shipping: 19.99 €
ConversMod Lenyard

To collect and to use it:

With this lenyard you always have your keys in reach.

Available in black with white text.
ConversMod Stickers

Because of high number of requests we now offer our official sticker to you. Got a Mod? Show it!
Stickers are available in black and white

You can even order a cheaper pack of 2 pcs.
Height (approx.): 35mm
Lenght (aprox.): 160mm
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0 x 1X ConversMod Sticker (white)
- x 1X ConversMod Sticker (black)
0 x 2X ConversMod Sticker (white)
- x 2X ConversMod Sticker (black)
- x 2X ConversMod Sticker (black and white, 1 each)